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Reflexology for Seniors

Do you experience digestive issues, low energy or pain in your body? Do you have trouble sleeping or keeping your balance while walking? Is the Covid-19 situation wearing you down, and you notice your health deteriorating?

Reflexology is a natural method that promotes self-healing powers in the body. It regulates breathing, circulation and digestion, and helps to reduce tension, stress and pain. Reflexology works with the body’s healing response through touch of the feet. As all parts and organs of the body are reflected in the feet, stimulating certain reflex zones on the feet affects the corresponding areas in the body. Reflexology treatments help strengthen all body functions, and improve overall health and vitality!

Reflexology has shown to be particularly helpful for seniors. A variety health issues can be addressed including balance problems, sleeplessness, arthritis, chronic pain, low energy or digestive troubles. For a reflexology treatment, only shoes and socks need to be removed. You rest comfortably on a treatment table or in a reclining chair to provide maximum relaxation. Reflexology is a safe, simple and non-invasive method of treatment – with no side effects!

Reflexology has grown out of old cultural healing arts and has been around for centuries. Modern Reflexology has developed into an effective healing method. In Europe and Great Britain, it is an accepted complimentary therapy prescribed by physicians and covered by medical insurance. In Canada, Reflexology has become more recognized in recent years. I am a member of the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC), and my treatments are covered by a number of insurance companies across Canada.

I am a European trained health practitioner (Germany); a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique Teacher, a Certified Reflexology Therapist (Berlin), and a Registered Bach Remedies Practitioner (UK). I immigrated to Canada 12 years ago and had a vibrant practice in the lower mainland. Now my work studio is located right at the Buttertubs Marsh in Central Nanaimo. I am passionate about my work, and I am a naturally gifted healer. I welcome new clients in my beautiful and serene studio.

More questions about Reflexology? Please contact me for more information or to book your first appointment! Special Welcome Offer: Get 50% off your first session! 778.245.1750

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