Alexander Technique

& Bach Remedies


Therapeutic Reflexology promotes self-healing power in the body. Working with the feet activates the body’s innate healing capabilities and provides balance in the whole body. It regulates the functions of organs and tissues, and improves the natural processes such as breathing, circulation and digestion. Reflexology treatments strengthen and support all body functions, improves overall health and helps to:

  • release stress

  • reduce muscle tension and pain in the body

  • boost the immune system

  • restore natural balance, health and vitality

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is a body-mind method to gain more self-awareness and to re-discover natural balance in movement. Applying the Alexander principles helps you to move through life with more ease, calm, energy and confidence. Since its development over 100 years ago, many people have used the Alexander Technique to:

  • Change habitual posture and movement

  • Reduce stress and tension

  • Alleviate neck, back and shoulder pain

  • Enhance performance in daily life, work and art

Bach Remedies

The Bach Flower Remedies help to gently restore emotional balance. This complete system of healing is directed at emotional and mental states. The remedies are very useful in times of stress, high demands. They help to increase self-awareness and personal stability and aid in living up to your full potential. The Bach Flower Remedies are

  • Used in combination to address a variety of different emotional issues

  • Gentle, safe and non-toxic

  • Safely used in conjunction with other forms of treatment

  • Manufactured in the UK, under strict guidelines for safety

  • Now available in 66 countries worldwide

Fee Schedule:

​1 Session (50 min) $ 75

50% Off Your First Session (50 min)

6 Session Package (50 min) $ 420

1 Session Students/Low-income (50 min) $ 60

Online Service available:

Bach Flower Consultations & 'Alexander Guidance' offered via Zoom

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