Heike Walker

Heike holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies from the Bremen University, Germany. She started her career in the health care field later in life deriving from her passion for movement, especially martial art and dance.

Heike encountered the Alexander Technique first in dance classes in the early nineties. She was intrigued by how body awareness affects her dancing. Working with the Alexander Technique created more fluidity and openness in her body and new possibilities of moving – with more lightness, ease and clarity! In 1994, Heike began taking lessons in the Alexander Technique which opened a whole new dimension of the Alexander Technique to her.

Heike entered a three year full-time training course in the Alexander Technique in Berlin with Dan Armon and graduated in 2002. She has been teaching the Alexander Technique since – both in individual lessons and in workshops to dancers, musicians or anyone interested in working on themselves and gaining self-awareness. Over the years, Heike has helped many Alexander students with neck or back pain, low energy or chronic stress – to find more ease and balance both in their bodies and in their lives!

To enhance her practice, Heike entered a medical training course to become a Natural Health Care Professional recognized by the German Department of Health. She also studied “Reflexotherapy of the Feet” at the Hanne Marquardt School in Berlin, receiving the Reflexology certificate in June 2008. After immigrating to Canada in August the same year, Heike founded her own company, the Balance Arts Studio offering Alexander Technique and Therapeutic Reflexology.


Heike realized that Bach Flower Remedies would be a good complementary modality in her practice to address emotional and mental issues. She enrolled in the Bach Flower Education program and completed her studies in September 2014. Now she is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, BFRP, certified by the Bach Foundation in the UK. She is glad to be able to incorporate Bach Remedies in her practice to support emotional challenges and processes.


Heike is passionate about work. She loves to learn, and she is continuously educating herself to grow and to stay inspired. Heike feels she gets the greatest inspiration from the work with her clients!  


“I am feeling better now than when I was in my fifties or sixties. I have been taking Alexander Technique for 5 years, and I contribute my good health and well-being to a great extent to the Alexander Technique!” – Willy


“I began Reflexology treatments with Heike Walker about 1.5 years ago for chronic pain due to inflammatory arthritis. Immediately after the first treatment with Heike, I began to feel relief. Heike is clear and focused in her work. She is gifted and very sensitive to the needs of her clients. I respect and admire Heike’s ability to work effectively with the whole individual. She is friendly, respectful and kind. I recommend Heike to many of my students.”– Jacqui Fownes, Yoga Teacher & Therapist

“I came to Heike because of debilitating problems I was having with movement, physical weakness, and fatigue. Heike’s skills and natural abilities let the healing and change happen in the best way possible for me, and at a pace that I could manage. My experience with Heike and the Alexander Technique was a huge part of my recovery, and I am very thankful that I had the pleasure of working with such a warm, caring and amazing person. Ever grateful.” – K. D. 

“I found Heike to be a warm, caring and perceptive professional. My main issue was congestion and headaches related to allergies that was affecting my sleep and energy levels. After several sessions, I experienced relief – less congestion, very infrequent headaches and more energy! This was a wonderful experience that I will not hesitate to repeat for any health issue!”– P. Cuddy, Retiree


“I have severe lower back pain in part due to degenerative disc disease. Since taking lessons in the Alexander Technique with Heike, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my back. For the first time in many years, I am able to move quite freely and without debilitating pain. For me, Heike is a miracle worker.” – Kathleen Hahn

“I like to run. Over a year ago I sprained my ankle, and every time I ran my ankle would swell.  After only six treatments with Heike I noticed a marked improvement with the swollen ankle. In fact, I recently ran a half marathon without any soreness or swelling of my ankle. Reflexology works!” – Liz Simpson, School Teacher