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Alexander Technique


Alexander Technique is a body-mind method to gain more self-awareness and to re-discover natural balance in body and mind. We are often unaware of our movements: We may slouch and stiffen our body. Our breathing may be shallow. Without knowing it, we may contribute to back or neck pain. Habitual movement patterns often interfere with ease of movement, limit our vitality and restrict our liveliness.

In the Alexander Sessions, you enter a process of change via gentle touch and verbal guidance. You learn to 'work with yourself' and develop your personal means to reduce muscle tone and improve postural support. Being attentive to your body and your body’s reactions, and learning to respond wisely to inner and outer stimuli make deep transformations possible.

Taking Alexander sessions lead to more freedom of movement and a better connection to oneself. Gradually, you will be able to move through life with more ease, calm, energy and confidence. Since its development over 100 years ago, many people have used the Alexander Technique to:

  • Change habitual posture and movement

  • Reduce stress and tension

  • Alleviate neck, back and shoulder pain

  • Enhance performance in daily life, work and art

Who benefits from Alexander Technique?


  • People with postural issues such as neck, shoulder or back pain, or headaches

  • Computer users to reduce eye strain, neck tension and repetitive strain injuries

  • Individuals recovering from injury or trauma to get re-acquainted with optimal balance

  • People living with Parkinson's disease to manage symptoms & enhance quality of life

  • Professionals who want to improve focus, clarity and productivity

  • People who are interested to develop better stress management skills

  • Performing artists to develop more clarity, presence and expressiveness

  • Athletes to move with less strain, stay attentive to their bodies and prevent injuries

  • Individuals with chronic issues (arthritis, fibromyalgia, hypermobility/EDS) to minimize damage and reduce pain

Individual In-Person Alexander Technique Sessions

Alexander Technique is mostly taught in individual sessions. The teacher’s gentle hands-on touch and verbal guidance help you to become more aware of movement patterns that interfere with good balance. With experience you are able to release excess tension and imbalances, and change long-standing habits. The sessions will be tailored to your individual needs. Common issues to work on in an individual sessions are:

  • Stress relief

  • Pain management

  • Finding ease and efficiency in everyday activities

  • Applying the principles to computer work, playing an instrument or any other activity

  • Connecting to yourself and finding more calm


Alexander Technique Workshops

Balance Arts Studio offers workshops in all regions on Vancouver Island and the gulf islands. Workshops and group classes offer opportunities to learn by observing others and sharing experiences while working to increase one’s own awareness.


Let us know if you are interested in setting up a workshop in your yoga or dance studio, or any other group interest.

Alexander Technique for Corporate Wellness

Professionals and workers in a variety of sectors benefit from the Alexander Technique including dentists, hygienists, doctors, therapists, hairstylists, or people with sitting-in-front-of-computer jobs. Work activities often put strain on lower back or neck, and may lead to back pain or other physical issues.


Alexander Technique helps professionals to change postural habits and relieve pain in the body. Alexander-trained employer and employees alike experience better stress management skills, less anxiety, improved clarity and focus, more productivity, and better well-being!

Corporate wellness packages are tailored to the specific need of the company or organization. Alexander Technique packages include group workshops and one-on-one sessions addressing individual challenges and job-specific demands.


If you are interested in Alexander Technique for your company or office, please contact us!

Alexander Guidance Online via Zoom

For all individuals who cannot get in person to Balance Arts Studio in Nanaimo, I offer ‘Alexander Guidance Online'. Sessions will help you to cultivate your individual practice, be more present in your body and more connected to yourself.


Online sessions include working on every day movement and activities of your interest, and being guided through 'Active Rest’, a lie-down practice to release unnecessary tension and find more calm and ease in body and mind.



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