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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies help to gently restore emotional balance. This complete system of healing is directed at emotional and mental states. The remedies are very useful in times of stress, high demands and difficulties to restore balance before physical symptoms appear. If a person is diseased, the remedies are selected according to how this person feels addressing merely the individual’s emotions and not treating symptoms, disease, or physical complaint. The remedies help to increase self-awareness and personal stability and aid in living up to our full potential. The Bach Flower Remedies are invaluable for personal and spiritual growth.

The Bach system is comprised of 38 remedies, each prepared from specific wild flowers, tree blossoms or part of a plant. Each remedy resonates with a specific emotion or mental state. There is a combination of five remedies designed for demanding situations, emergencies and crisis which is called the Rescue Remedy. The Bach Flower Remedies are

  • used in combination to address a variety of different emotional issues

  • gentle, safe and non-toxic

  • safely used in conjunction with other forms of treatment

  • manufactured in the UK, under strict guidelines for safety and purity

  • now available in 66 countries worldwide

Bach Remedies for Whom?

Bach Flower Remedies can be used for people of all ages including children, pregnant women and the elderly. They are also successfully used for plants and animals. Bach Remedies have shown to be helpful for a variety of emotions and mental conditions such as:

  • fear and anxiety

  • depression

  • resignation

  • grief & loss

  • loneliness

  • irritability

  • self-blame

  • lack of confidence


In a consultation with a certified Bach Remedies Practitioner, BFRP, you are guided to find the right Bach Flower Remedies. The remedies are not prescribed to you, instead you are actively involved in the process of selecting the appropriate remedies. Your current situation, your concerns and feelings are examined to determine what remedies will help you to achieve greater emotional balance. Up to 6 -7 different remedies can go into your mixing bottle. A follow-up visit can be scheduled to discuss possible changes in your situation and to find out what specific remedies are needed for the next personal blend.

Bach Remedies Online Consultations offered via Zoom

Bach Flower Remedies have been used in a variety of different settings:

Preventive Health Care
Inner attitudes and emotions have a most profound effect on our health. The Bach Flower Remedies are used for developing self-awareness, strengthening character and harmonizing emotional and mental conditions such as jealousy, anxiety, mistrust, inferiority or resignation. The remedies help to develop positive qualities, and in this way serve in the prevention of physical illness.

Crisis Care
Bach Flower Remedies are very helpful in times of stress and life crisis such as relationship conflicts, work issues, midlife crisis or adjusting to aging and retirement. Every crisis is an opportunity for change and self-growth. Often we don’t embrace changes and we develop anxieties and resistances. The Bach Flower Remedies help to get in touch with emotions needed to navigate through a crisis. If deep underlying issues occur, the remedies may be used in addition to psychotherapy.

Support for Acute and Chronic Diseases
Bach Flower Remedies have been proven to be very useful in coping with psychosomatic disturbances or stress-related ailments such as sleeping problems, back pain, headaches or digestive troubles. The remedies are selected according to the individual’s emotions and personality type and act as an aid for self-healing. They do not heal physical illnesses directly, but help to activate one’s healing capabilities.

Please note: The Bach Flower Remedies do not replace any medical treatment and are only used in addition to specific treatments by physicians and other health practitioners.

Women’s Issues
Bach Flower Remedies are particular helpful for women during the course of their lives. The remedies help to cope with menstrual problems, pregnancy, infertility and menopause. They support women to deal with parenting or marriage problems. The Bach Flower Remedies assist in addressing common issues in a woman’s life such as irritability, jealousy, lack of energy, blame, low self-esteem or fears.


Bach Flower Remedies are helpful to support babies, children and adolescents during their developmental stages. They assist with a variety of difficulties such as anxieties at school, sleeping problems, lack of confidence, nightmares or shyness. Psychosomatic disturbances such as bed wetting, eczema or hyperactivity can be addressed with the remedies.