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Quiet Moments

Just take a moment to pause right now. Turn your attention towards your body.

Just simply go with your attention to all the places that are in contact with the surface underneath your body. Allow your weight to release. In standing, be aware of your feet on the floor. In sitting, notice your feet and your buttocks on the chair. Allow your hands to just rest on the thighs and the shoulders to drop.

Allow yourself to be fully supported from underneath. Enjoy the support and receive it. Give in to gravity!

Gravity is a constant in our lives. We can rely on gravity. It is always there to support us. When we give in to gravity it is possible to let go of excess tension in our body and to deepen our breathing. We may also notice an energy in our body that flows upward as we surrender to gravity.

Now notice your breathing. Just be simply aware of the flow of breath in your body. How is your body moving with each breath? Take some time to observe your breathing. … Is your breathing deepening? If not, just add a little pause after the exhale, just stop your breathing for 3 to 4 seconds. Then let the inhale naturally occur. Practice in this way for a moment.

Breathing happens automatically – and we can also influence our breathing. By intentionally bringing awareness to our body, we can deepen our breathing. Finding ways to let the body naturally breathe is the key!

Go back with your attention to the support from underneath. Do you notice a better connection to the floor or the chair? Can you allow yourself to surrender to gravity a little more? Are you able to let go of some tension in your body?

Now be aware of your jaw. Let the jaw joints be easy (There are right in front of the ears; palpate it if needed). Let the jaw fall away from the skull. Let your tongue rest in your mouth, let your lips be soft.

Notice your eyes: Let the eyeballs rest in the eye sockets and the muscles around the eyes ease. Allow the eyes to be soft, allow yourself to see without strain. Look away from the screen for a moment …

What are you hearing? Take some time to hear the sounds around you.

Are you smelling anything?

Be aware of the space all around you, above your head, left and right of you, the space before and behind you. Don’t look around or behind, just have a sense of it. Expand your body into the space. Breathe!

Again, notice the support from underneath, and enjoy the floor or chair receiving you! Let yourself be supported. Trust!

Opening all our senses brings us right into the present moment. Turning the attention to our body helps to get out of stress mode, to calm our nervous system, and to connect to ourselves. Some people say it feels like ‘coming home’. We may be able to face today’s challenges with more ease, trust and clarity!

May you find inner peace during this Holiday Season! ***

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