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Listen to Your Body

It is not easy to live a life in alignment with ourselves, with our needs and wishes, with our desires and ambitions – and our true nature. When examining our life, we may discover that lots of our activities are driven by outer forces and conditions. Our lives may be determined by deadlines at work or demands in our family life. We may try to keep the head above water financially, or deal with our own or some else’s illness. We may experience vague anxieties due to the uncertainty and instability of our times. Or we may be internally driven by negative self-talk, perfectionism or harsh judgment.

Feeling cut off from ourselves

Having too many tasks in our busy lives and being pulled in too many directions may take us away from ourselves. We may be functioning well, finish our projects or get a lot of things done, but we may not be in good contact with ourselves. Our lives may not feel fulfilling. We may feel down, empty, irritated, tense, restless, stressed or anxious. Our heart may not be open, our senses compromised and our energy blocked – we don’t feel at peace.

Ignoring our bodies

Our bodies constantly send signals to ourselves. Because of our productive and ambitious life-style, many of us are inclined not to listen too closely. We may be tired and keep working. We may ignore the headache and go to the party anyway. We may push through the workout even though our left hip or right shoulder hurt. We may add to our stress by not eating the right food, going to bed too late or not making enough time for movement. Our unconscious life-style may contribute to conditions in the body such as anxiety, digestive issues or chronic back pain.

Taking time to pause

Creating pauses in our day-to-day life is of paramount importance to become aware of our body and its messages. Our body can be an essential guidance for our day-to-day life. When we get in touch with our body, we can explore our inner landscape: How do I feel? What does my body want to tell me? What is most needed right now? How can I best respond to my body’s need?

Pausing can look differently for each one of us: Just taking time to simply petting the cat, admiring a flower or watching the clouds may bring us back to presence. Conscious breathing, Alexander Active Rest, or tuning in with yourself, meditation or yoga practice, writing a journal or walking in Nature all have shown to be helpful ways to connect. Being aware of our body helps us to respond more wisely to its signals. Listening to ourselves and developing more awareness assist in improving the quality of our lives and keeping us healthy!

Reflexology, Alexander Technique and Bach Remedies

These three modalities I offer all provide helpful tools for self-awareness:

Reflexology works to improve health in the body via touch of the feet. As conditions such as headaches, insomnia, or chronic pain improve with Reflexology sessions, many people also experience a better connection to the body and oneself, and make more conscious choices in everyday life.

Alexander Technique teaches you to change habitual movement patterns. You enter a process of change via gentle touch and verbal guidance. Pausing and listening to the body make deep transformations possible and lead to increased awareness in daily life.

Bach Remedies are flower essences directed at our mental and emotional states. They help to increase self-awareness and strengthen emotional and personal stability. Bach Remedies assist in addressing emotional difficulties before physical symptoms may manifest.

Please contact me for any questions you may have. I am looking forward to hearing from you! | 778.245.1750

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