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Boost Your Immunity with Reflexology

Do you feel stressed and exhausted? Do you suffer from headaches? Do you have pain or trouble sleeping? Do you notice the effects of the pandemic on your health and well-being? Have you attracted the Coronavirus, and you still feel sick or low energy? – As the pandemic continues, it is essential to find good ways to support our body, in particular our immune system.

We need to take care our health more than ever.

Immune support should be # 1 when it comes to taking care of our body. A well-functioning immune system helps us stay healthy and not attract a disease in the first place. Strong immunity leads to a milder disease progression with less severe symptoms. A robust immune system also helps to recover better and faster from an illness such as Covid-19. Furthermore, good immunity helps us to better cope with the (side) effects of a vaccine. A strong and healthy body is much better prepared for an immunization than a body that is compromised.

Reflexology is an effective method to boost our immunity!

Reflexology promotes our own self-healing powers. Working with the feet activates the body’s innate healing capabilities and provides balance in the body. It helps to regulate breathing, circulation and digestion, and assists in reducing tension and pain. Reflexology treatments help strengthen all body function, and address a variety of issues including insomnia, chronic pain, digestive troubles or back pain. Reflexology also relieves stress and anxiety which again helps to build up our immunity!

Lymphatic treatments and other techniques for immune support

Working with the lymphatic system through the touch of the feet is a special technique of Therapeutic Reflexology. This gentle treatment promotes the lymphatic flow in the body and thereby boosts the immune system. Other approaches include resonance and balancing techniques, working immune organs and endocrine glands or nerve reflexology points. These techniques help to release congested or stagnated energy and to activate the ‘rest and digest’ response, the part of the nervous system that lets us relax, rest and digest, thus promote healing and immunity.

Ready to boost your immune system with Reflexology?

Please contact me for more information! 778.245.1750

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