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Balance Arts Studio is Moving to Vancouver Island

On October 1, 2020, Balance Arts Studio will open in Nanaimo! – I have offered my service to the community in White Rock, Surrey and Langley over the last 11 years. I am grateful and honoured to have supported many people’s health and healing journey. Read some of the recent testimonials here:

“I first visited Heike to try and deal with rehab issues surrounding a hip replacement but soon realized that there was so much more she could help me with. In addition to helping to restore nerve functionality to an area that had been left numb, she was able to work on my incision scar to allow it to heal much more quickly. Because of Heike’s calm kind nature, I always look forward to my appointment!”

B.R., retired IT

“If you are struggling with an injury or simply wanting to improve your posture and body alignment, I highly recommend working with Heike Walker at Balance Arts Studio. With her masterful grasp of the Alexander Technique, she has a calm, confident, gentle and systematic approach. I have found Heike to be an encouraging, warm, highly intuitive practitioner and have seen positive results through my work with her.”

Joan Mara, business consultant

“I had back issues and vertigo along with some deterioration in neck and spine [ …] and a pinched nerve in my neck. I experience great relief with my back pain, and got some positive results with my neck pain. It became less frequent. I was seeing Heike monthly after a few regular sessions; this kept me in a comfortable place without a lot of pain, most of the time. I called my monthly sessions ‘my tune up’. I will miss Heike, she didn’t only treat my aches and pains, but her compassionate demeanor was something I noticed almost immediately. I think of her as a friend.”

Bella Gattinger, retired/homemaker

“Originally, I attended an Alexander Technique Introductory workshop with Heike Walker to understand and learn more about it. It was not until August 2016 when I fractured my ankle hiking on Cypress that I turned to her for support during recovery. The necessary surgery did not allow me to weight bear on my left foot for 5 weeks. By the time I was able to walk with the support of boot and walker, I had discomfort in my knees as well. While I attended physio therapy for the ankle, I found my sessions with Heike supported not only my ankle but the movement of my entire body. What I have learned about Alexander Technique has allowed me the best recovery of my ankle injury as well as improvement in other weak parts of my body. I have been able to return to normal activities, i.e. Golf and Trail walking at the 8th month mark post-surgery which is earlier than anticipated. It is now 10 months post-surgery, and other than scars on both sides of my ankle, I have minimal discomfort to remind me of this injury. I can attribute this to the attention and education I received from Heike. The benefits of Alexander Technique will have me continue my sessions with Heike which are now focused on everyday movement with a goal to ensure ease of movement, helping me to enjoy an active retirement for many years. Thank you, Heike, for sharing your skills and knowledge. I appreciate very much the difference you have made in my life!”

Charlotte Jones, retired banker

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