Thinking about Feet

Do you take care of your feet well? Are you aware that your feet carry your weight all day long? Perhaps because they are farthest away from our head, feet are usually ill cared for and neglected. Feet are often forced into uncomfortable shoes.  Even when they get tired and hurt, many people just don’t pay attention to them.


Many people come for Reflexology with foot problems such as soreness, plantar fasciitis, swellings or  inflexibility due to injuries. Reflexology helps to heal such issues, but it does even more than that! Because the organs and structures of the whole body are reflected in the foot, stimulating certain areas in the foot affect the corresponding body regions. Reflexology treatments improve many other physical symptoms such as digestive troubles, back, shoulder or neck pain, sleep difficulties or headaches. By promoting the self-healing capabilities in the body, circulation, breathing and digestion improve. Therapeutic Reflexology creates more balance in the whole organism and improves overall health.


In our training course at the School for Reflexotherapy in Germany, we were constantly reminded that we practitioners don’t only have the feet in our hands, but we are dealing with the whole person. We work with the physical body through the touch of the feet and we are also aware that the physicality is not separate from the emotions, the thinking and the spirit. This is evident in our work. I am witnessing many patients who make changes in their lives and in their inner attitude. After a series of sessions, patients often report that they have a more positive outlook on life and they feel better in general. They might say “I feel more grounded” or “I am coming onto my feet”.


The correlation between the feet and the whole self is even reflected in our language. You might have a spring in your step when you are happy. When someone falls in love he/she might be walking on air.  You may take a stand against something or stand your ground.  Or you might walk a fine line or on thin ice. How we walk through life is after all affected by our feet! My goal as a therapist is not to merely reduce physical issues in the body, but to encounter the patient with respect and empathy, encompassing all aspects of life. In that respect, Foot Reflexology is a valuable tool for both improving health and helping the patient get on their feet to walk their path of life.