New Year’s Resolution and Real Change

ChameleonHave you made New Year’s resolutions such as eating healthier, losing weight, exercising more regularly, getting your finances in order, reorganizing the house or meditating daily?

We often feel inspired to change around New Year’s day. Despite all the good intentions we often keep doing what we are doing already. There seems to be some resistance to change. Often we quit shortly after starting our new resolutions, and quite often it makes us feel bad or disappointed.


Why is it so difficult to change and follow through? What holds us back?


It is not easy to change our habitual life patterns just by making a casual decision. We know that, for instance, eating less chocolate is healthier. However, there might be underlying issues as to why we eat the chocolate every day. We may be feeling lonely or frustrated so we justify eating the chocolate. The inner judge might say: “Eating chocolate is bad. You SHOULD not eat chocolate. You MUST stop.” It is difficult to change when we are hard against our own selves. We get tight and defensive. We resist the change.


Real change comes from a different place. How does that work? How do we get there? Rather then forcing the change, we allow change to happen.


Will power has its limits. Becoming aware and staying aware of one’s behaviour and habits is essential for any long-lasting change. In order to become more self-aware, we need to calm down and listen to ourselves. We need time. We must slow down, stop, take stock of ourselves and be alert to our needs and yearnings. Otherwise we easily fall back into our habits and change does not happen.


Modalities such as the Alexander Technique or Reflexology can assist in change, growth, healing and living life more fully.


The Alexander Technique works foremost with the physical body and the mind, improving the way we move. However, it also touches other aspects of life. We come to realize that we are making better choices throughout the day. We don’t react habitually to what life presents in front of us, but notice that we can choose alternate responses. Working with the Alexander principles leads to more self-awareness, so important change can happen.


Therapeutic Reflexology also helps to increase self-awareness and to quiet down the nervous system. Many clients report that they make changes in their life-style such as going for daily walks, eating healthier foods and eating more regularly, or going to bed earlier so they get a better sleep. These changes happen in the course of treatments, because these Reflexology clients are actively engaged in the process of healing and growing. Both the Alexander Technique and Reflexology assist to get in touch with oneself, become more self-aware and take responsibility for one’s own life and health, so change can truly happen.