Healthy Children with Reflexology

Therapeutic Reflexology is a very safe and effective healing modality for babies and children. It is a non-invasive therapy with no side effects. Most children enjoy the touch of their feet and respond very well to Reflexology treatments. Often only a few sessions are needed for children to get better.


Reflexology has shown to be beneficial for babies with teething problems, colic or sleeping problems. Because the sessions with babies are short, only 10 minutes, I teach parents how to treat their baby’s feet at home.


The treatments for toddlers and up are 20 to 30 minutes long. Children of all ages benefit from Reflexology for ailments such as stuffy nose, belly pain, coughing, sleeping problems, bed wetting, hyperactivity and allergies. It is remarkable to see children change during a series of Reflexology treatments. Often not only the physical ailments get better, but the children also change and grow mentally and emotionally. Let me share a case history of a child I worked with (name is changed):


Christine, a girl of 6 years, came for a series of seven treatments. She had trouble sleeping at night, was very restless during the day, and had a hard time sitting still at school. At first, Christine was very shy and didn’t want to lie down on the treatment table. She was ok when I had her sit upright and watch what I was doing and while her mom was sitting beside her holding her hand. I worked with Christine, starting off with a lymphatic treatment on her feet. During the treatment, Christine started to relax and calm down. By the end of the session, she was lying down. I showed her mother how to touch her feet and suggested that in the evening before Christine goes to bed she put Christine’s feet in warm water and stroke her feet afterwards.


When her mother brought her the next time, she told me that Christine was looking forward to “having her feet done.” She informed me that Christine was sleeping much better the first night after the treatment. Christine also enjoyed their night’s ritual. This time, Christine wanted to lie down right away. I continued the treatments with her twice a week for three weeks. I could watch her feel more and more comfortable each time. She started to talk to me more and brought her favourite book to show to me in one of the sessions. By the end of the treatment series, her mother told me that Christine could fall asleep much easier and didn’t wake up during the night anymore. Her teacher reported she had longer concentration spans at school and was more open, confident and self-balanced.