Most students study the Alexander Technique in individual sessions. The teacher’s gentle hands-on touch and verbal guidance help the students to become more attentive to movement patterns that interfere with good balance. Learning how to recover the poise of the head on the spine and a dynamic relationship between head and the body is essential for recovering ease and effortless movements. With experience students gain more self-awareness and learn how to release excess tension. This enables them to alter long-standing habits. In the sessions, the students practice common movements such as sitting, standing or walking. Working at a computer, playing an instrument, dancing or other activities may be included. The process teaches the students how to apply the principles to all areas of life.

A series of sessions will be tailored to your individual needs. It is recommended to come for weekly lessons. Most students study for a few months, while others find the work compelling enough to study for many years. Students often find it helpful to combine individual sessions with group classes or workshops.

Heike offers  introductory workshops regularly.


1 Session (50 min) $ 75
Package of 6 Sessions (50 min) $ 420
First Session (50 min) 20 % off$ 60
1 Session (50 min) Students/Low-income$ 60
Gift Certificate for 1 Session (50 min)$ 75/60