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Bach Remedies Support during Global Health Crisis

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

The global pandemic creates a lot of uncertainty, stress and anxiety. How do you cope with the changes in your life? Are you overwhelmed or stressed to the max? Do you have financial anxiety? Are you scared to get sick? Are you worried about your parents or concerned about your children’s schooling? Do the current challenges make you nervous, irritable or sad?

The Bach Flower Remedies is a natural system of healing that assists in gently restoring emotional balance. Bach Flower Remedies are particularly helpful in times of stress and high demands. There are 38 different remedies, each prepared from specific wild flowers, tree blossoms or part of a plant. Each remedy resonates with a specific emotion or mental state.

Below you find a selection of some remedies that might be helpful for you during this challenging time:

RESCUE REMEDY: This combination of five remedies was created for any crisis or emergency situation. It helps you to get through any stressful moments such as finding out that a loved one is infected or being stressed by really bad news. It relieves stress and reduces anxiety. Rescue Remedy is meant for short term situations. To address ongoing-stress, it is best to take the time to find your individual mix of remedies.

WALNUT: This remedy may be very helpful during Covid-19 crisis as it helps you get adjusted to new situations. Our normal life is disrupted: We lost our routine. Maybe we lost our job. We lost the connection to our loved ones as we know it. Walnut helps us to leave familiar life behind and to be able to cope with what is now. It helps us to step forward form here.

HONEYSUCKLE: If you have a more pessimistic outlook and you are stuck in the past, Honeysuckle is the remedy for you. Honeysuckle helps to bring people more into the here and now. It assists in staying present rather than thinking too much about the past. We need to let go of the life as we know it during this crisis. The remedy helps us to awaken to this new reality.

RED CHESTNUT: This remedy is helpful for people who are afraid for the safety, health and well-being of people we love. During these times we worry about our family, for instance, our parents who we might not be able to visit in a nursing home. Red Chestnut helps us to identify our own fears and helps us to put them into perspective, so we can best support our friends and family in loving and caring way.

MIMULUS: Do you have fears of the unknown? Are you afraid of being alone? Do you fear you will catch the virus? Do you have financial anxieties? Specific and well-defined fears are addressed with Mimulus. It often is our mind taking off that creates those specific fears. This remedy helps to change these ways of thinking to be able to deal with day-to-day life in a more trusting way.

IMPATIENS: As the name suggests, this remedy helps to address a feeling of impatience. Are you on the edge? Do feel irritable? Are you frustrated that you don’t know how long this crisis will last? Or maybe you feel irritated by the slowness in the stores? Impatiens helps to ease these reactive emotions so you have more empathy and respond from a wiser self.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM: For some people this global crisis is a real shock to the system. They feel numb. It is hard to access their feelings. It may even trigger old traumas they haven’t dealt with. Star of Bethlehem deals with shock and trauma. It also called the “comforter of the soul” and it helps to integrate difficult emotions, use them for your personal development and have more mental clarity.

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