Taking Time


Many of my clients are stressed, exhausted and depleted. Life is challenging, and we need to learn how to cope with the stress and demands. I recommend different measures to my clients to help them restore their balance and energy such as going for a walk daily, a daily 10-minute Alexander Technique lie-down, taking a rest during the day or going to bed early. What I often hear as a reply, both in my Reflexology and Alexander Technique practice, is: “I just don’t have the time!”

Everyone seems to be overly busy. We are rushing through our days trying to get as much work done as possible and working off our endless to-do lists. Just before Christmas, our to-do lists are even longer: Christmas shopping, decorating the house, baking goodies, going to Christmas parties… on top of everything else.  – Now it is even more important to think about how we want to spend our time to stay healthy and to create an enjoyable Holiday Season!


Give yourself permission to take time

No one is going to give it to you, no matter how much you desperately want someone to do so! Don’t wait for somebody to give you time. Your husband won’t do it, your children won’t, your colleagues won’t… You are the only person who can give yourself time! YOU are the one!


Start simple

Do you go to the bathroom when you have to? Do you drink when you are thirsty? Just recognizing our basic needs and taking the time for them is essential. This may include sitting down for a meal, going to bed when we are tired or going for walk when we want to move are simple steps to take time for ourselves.


Taking time needs courage

Taking time for yourself needs courage in this society. It seems to be more accepted to say; “I am just so stressed out” than to say “I feel really good, and have taken lots of time for myself”. You might even be called “selfish”… Be prepared. Don’t feel bad about it, celebrate! You know what you need and what serves you to stay healthy and balanced. Follow up! Be true to yourself.


The magic sentence “I have time”

Go through your day and tell yourself “I have time”. You are having a shower in the morning: “I have time”. You are having your breakfast: “I have time”. You are driving your children to school: “I have time” – Try it out … and you will notice that it will affect the quality of your day immediately!


Connecting to YOU – connecting to others!

If you take the time to “make yourself a nice hot cup of tea”, taking time for something pleasurable once a day, taking time to do your Yoga practice or Alexander lie-down…, you are connecting to yourself and you are nurturing yourself. If you are good to yourself, then you are able to give to others. Your family and friends will thank you!