New Year’s Reflection

The turn of the year has always been a time of reflection, letting go of the old and welcoming the New Year. However, many of us don’t take much time anymore to look back onto the previous year. What have I accomplished? How did I improve my life? What has changed? How did I grow? What can I be thankful for? Instead of reflecting on last year, most people rush into the next one formulating New Year’s resolutions, wanting to change and make things better.

This is a habit we come across throughout the year: The moment we finish something, we look ahead to another task. Rather than taking time to honor our completions, we usually rush through the day from one thing to the next. It feels like there is no time to stop or take it slower, there is always more that we need to do. This way, you remain in a constant state of incompletion. Your nervous system cannot calm down and your body will stay high alert. This sets you up for stress-related health conditions such as digestive troubles, sleeping disorders, low immunity, chronic pain, headaches and migraines, heart conditions and others.

Looking back onto your accomplishments, savoring it and making it your own, allows you to strengthen your self-esteem. It also gives your nervous system and body a rest and is a powerful form of preventive health care! Throughout history, many spiritual and philosophical leaders have stressed the importance of reflection. It is worthwhile to create a habit of reflecting by the end of each day to get a sense of completion and satisfaction. Hence, I encourage you to spend time to look back onto the last year, honor your accomplishments, give thanks to the good and let go of the rest. Instead of looking what was left undone in the last year, look at what you have completed and see the things with more perspective. By focusing on what is positive and sharing it with your partner or friend, you pave your way to more joy, better health and more possibilities in the future. Happy New Year!