For a treatment, the patients only remove shoes and socks and rest comfortably on a treatment table. The first session is comprised of an interview including your health history and an assessment of your feet. In acute cases, the patient will receive a treatment in the first session, and the assessment will follow in subsequent sessions. Treatments usually take place once a week. The number of treatments needed vary from 6 to 15 sessions depending on the state of your health. Often a profound improvement in health is noticeable after five to eight sessions. Reflexology is also an effective form of preventive health care. Especially for elderly patients, ongoing regular treatments are advisable. The intervals between ongoing treatments vary between one to four weeks.



1 Treatment (60 min) $ 75
Package of 6 Treatments (60 min) $ 420
First Treatment (60 min) 20 % off$ 60
Discounted Treatment (60 min) - students/low income$ 60
Gift Certificate for 1 Session (60 min)$ 60


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