Reflexology for Pregnancy

PregnancyReflexology is an effective method to assist women during pregnancy and postpartum period. Reflexology treatments aid in balancing mind and body to create an ideal environment for the baby to grow. The treatments assist in improving general well-being, helping women get adjusted to the hormonal change and reducing common pregnancy complaints. Reflexology helps to prepare for a natural birth experience and to recover after the demanding time of labour and delivery.


Pregnancy is a time of major change in a woman’s life. Whereas many women easily adjust to the hormonal change, others find it very challenging emotionally and physically. Women may experience mood swings or even depression, or they may suffer from ailments such as nausea, morning sickness, heartburn, constipation, back pain, varicose veins, fatigue or insomnia. All these issues can be addressed with Reflexology. The treatments help ease these pregnancy complaints. Many women also find the treatments wonderfully relaxing and grounding, and experience more calm, more energy and better sleep. If the baby is in a breech position, Reflexology treatments can encourage a baby to turn their head down in time.


Reflexology has shown to be very helpful for natural induction. Induced labour can be far more demanding than spontaneous labour. If labour is medically induced, the natural process of delivery is interfered with. The contractions are often very intense and unmanageable, and a high percentage of women end up with a c-section. Two or three Reflexology treatments prior to the planned medical induction may help initiate the birth process. Treatments also help women release stress and tension which often surrounds the threat of induction and assist them in returning to body’s wisdom.


In postpartum phase, Reflexology session can be very valuable for the enormous hormonal adjustments. During the phase after delivery, treatments aid to relieve fatigue, establish good breast feeding and eliminate excess tissue fluid. Reflexology may help calm an anxious mother and balance her hormones and energy levels. Regular treatments following the birth may reduce the risks of postnatal depression.


Please note:

I do not work with women who have deep vein thrombosis or concurrent miscarriages or women who are in the process of undergoing in vitro fertilization. These conditions are contraindicated for Reflexology treatments.