Being Connected

“Do you pay regular visits to yourself?”


I like this quote, because it simply reminds us to take time for ourselves. When we pause our activities and get quiet, we are likely to remember what is important. This may change the course of the day or – if we do it often enough – the course of our lives!

Pausing puts things into perspective.

When we stop our continuous activities, we have a chance to connect to our physical body.

In daily life, it is easy to leave our body. Our mind is often focused on the activity we are performing. Or our mind is elsewhere and wandering: organizing in our head, worrying about our loved ones, creating our to-do or shopping lists … or worse, being caught in negative self-talk.

The more stress we have the faster we go, and this again may draw us away from our body. We have a strong conditioning in this society to be disembodied and disconnected from ourselves. This habit of leaving our body is even stronger when we are emotionally distressed or go through difficulties.

We live in a “comfort culture” which means that pain and discomfort is avoided. Unpleasant feelings, emotions or sensations are often not accepted as part of life. Instead people tend to suppress unpleasant experiences. We pay a high price for this: Resisting our experience leads to disconnecting from our body, mind and spirit.

Pushing away experience may be a contributing factor in many conditions such as chronic fatigue or chronic pain – and it simply doesn’t allow us to live our lives happily!

Being out of touch with our body has many expressions: We overwork. We push through a work-out at the gym. We rigorously work off our to-do lists. We force ourselves to get this last thing done… When we are out of touch with our body, we lose our connection to our emotions and spirit. Life gets flat. We lose motivation. We don’t have fun. Life loses its juice!

So getting in touch with our body and reading its signals is essential for a well-balanced life and it may be a portal to healing and well-being. There are many ways to make that shift. They all involve to take time for ourselves. I encourage you to find ways that work for you. It may be allowing time for an Alexander Active Rest, meditating, taking time for reading or writing, making music, spending time in nature or simply watching the clouds go by …

Alexander Technique, Reflexology and Bach Remedies may all be helpful on your journey of reconnecting to your mind, body and spirit!