Reflexology promotes self-healing and regenerative power in the human body. It helps to release stress, reduce muscle tension and pain in the body, boost the immune system and find better health and vitality! Reflexology works with the structures and functions of the human body through touch of the feet. In the reflex zones of the feet all parts and organs of the human body are reflected. When certain reflex zones are stimulated by the therapist’s touch, it affects the corresponding regions in the body. This provides balance, regulates the functions of organs and tissues and improves the natural processes such as breathing, circulation and digestion.


Reflexology as a Therapeutic Method

Working the feet to promote health has been practiced in diverse cultures for centuries. Today’s Reflexology goes back to Eunice Ingham’s work of the 1930’s who identified and documented reflex areas in the feet corresponding to organs and tissues in the body. Ingham mapped these points on a chart and spread her work as “Reflexology” in the USA. Based on Ingham’s books, the German nurse and massage therapist, Hanne Marquardt, started to work with her patients in the late 1950’s. She realized the potential of this method and developed it further into a refined therapeutic method. She coined the term “Reflexotherapy of the Feet” which is now a recognized and well accepted complimentary therapy in Germany and other European countries. Whereas Reflexology is often practiced as a generalized method to support health, Reflexotherapy of the Feet is a method specialized to treat illnesses and diseases of the body. In Canada, Reflexotherapy is also known as “Therapeutic Reflexology”.


Restoring our Body’s Balance

Our body has an innate healing ability: It can regulate itself, repair body parts, optimize its function and maintain balance. This recuperation process is aided by rest, good nutrition and regular exercise. However, if we neglect the basic needs of our bodies, the self-healing powers won’t work as efficiently. An exhausted and depleted body does not fully return to its balance. Over time, disorders may manifest such as muscle tensions, back pain, frequent headaches, sleeping disorders, high blood pressure or digestive troubles. Therapeutic Reflexology helps the body’s innate mechanism to respond well to illness and stress and restoring balance. While Reflexology may be used at first to reduce pain and relieve specific symptoms, its primary purpose is to strengthen and support all body functions. Therapeutic Reflexology addresses the causes of complaints and diseases rather than just the symptoms to improve overall health.


Lymphatic Treatment – a Specialized Technique within Therapeutic Reflexology

Just as we find the structures and organs of the whole body reflected in the foot, we also find the lymphatic system with its lymph vessels, lymph nodes, spleen and thymus gland. Working with the lymphatic system through the touch of the feet is a special technique of Therapeutic Reflexology. This gentle, caressing treatment promotes the lymphatic flow in the body. The treatments help to boost the immune system, relieve congestion and pain and aid the body to get rid of its toxins to promote healing. Lymphatic treatments are beneficial for swellings, edema, allergies, chronic sinusitis, varicose veins, sleeping disorders, immune deficiency, circulation problems, inflammatory digestive or urinary troubles, oversensitivity to pain or severe pain in the body and emotional instability or mental stress.