CRAB APPLE – The Cleansing Remedy

You already got into spring cleaning? Do you have the cleaning bug? You want to get the whole house tidy and sparkly? Do you even have an obsession with details and order? Are you too fastidious? Do you want your house to be perfect?  – Then this remedy is for you!

Or are you obsessed with your body? You want to be slim and feel fit, but you take it a little too far? Maybe you find it even disgusting seeing other people eating food you would never touch?

Maybe you don’t like some aspects of your appearance? You are very critical of the way you look? Or you feel unclean? Are you worried about cleanliness of your body or immediate surroundings? Do you have to wash your hands over and over or clean the sink in the bathroom several times a day? – Crab Apple would be good as it helps to cleanse compulsive thoughts and obsessive behaviour.

Crab Apple is one of 38 Bach Flower Remedies made from a flower or part of a plant. The essences address emotional issues and inner attitudes, and they gently help to restore emotional balance. They are particularly helpful in times of stress and transitions.

In the Crab Apple state, people usually have an exaggerated need for order, purity and cleanliness. In this state, it is difficult to differentiate what is important and what is not. It gets people focused on themselves and their immediate environment, so they are unable to see the larger picture. Instead they get easily stuck on insignificant things and details, and they develop an intolerance towards disorder and imperfection.

A second aspect of the Crab Apple state is a concern with your appearance. You may be aware of a scar or that your hair didn’t part right this morning. Or you may have a poor body image altogether, maybe you feel unclean or even ashamed of yourself.  Crab Apple addresses all these issues and helps to release these feelings. This remedy helps to look at things from a wider perspective again and to find an inner order rather than being hung up on the outside looks and appearances.

So if you take your spring cleaning too far or if you are too concerned with how you look… try out some Crab Apple! J