Bach Resolutions

winterAmong the most popular New Year’s resolutions are losing weight and getting in shape, quitting smoking and drinking, making more time for family or travel and paying down debts. However, having good intentions is often not enough. Habits are very strong; we easily set ourselves up for failure and fall into old patterns sooner or later.

The Bach remedies can be very helpful in the process of change and improvement of life-style. There is no ONE remedy that would be appropriate for every person. It is necessary to find about yourself and how you feel about your goals and your difficulties. This is usually done in a consultation with a Bach Remedies practitioner where you can find out what remedies are most appropriate in your situation.

Bach’s system is comprised of 38 remedies, prepared from specific wild flowers, tree blossoms or part of a plant. Each remedy resonates with specific emotions and personality traits. Remedies are combined into a personal mix to address your individual difficulties. Here are some examples of what remedies might help you regarding making changes:

CENTAURY: This remedy would help you to be more assertive, be able to say ‘no’ and stand up for your own interest (such as sticking to your diet …).

AGRIMONY: You might have the habit of partying all the time (and drink …), watch TV excessively (and stay up too late …) – to cover up your worries. Agrimony would help you to look at yourself more honestly and face irritations or problems more openly.

WALNUT: This is the remedy associated with change. Particularly in a transitional period, we are easily influenced by others or we still feel like holding onto old habits. Walnut is considered the link-breaker. It helps you to stay true to yourself and move forward confidently following your plan.

GENTIAN: This remedy can be very helpful with New Year’s resolutions as it helps you not to get discouraged with small setbacks and to make new attempts with confidence.

IMPATIENS: If you expect results too quickly, this is a remedy that would be right for you. Impatiens helps you to simply have more patience and gentleness.

ROCK WATER: If you are hard on yourself, you do everything possible to achieve your goals and you suppress your inner needs altogether, then Rock Water is indicated. This remedy assists you to be respectful of your physical and spiritual needs, and allow yourself some space.

This is not a complete list of the remedies, but just some examples of what remedies might be helpful for you. To find out more about the 38 remedies, visit the Bach Centre or contact Heike 778.245.1750