Ease of Movement

Little asian girlMost little children have a natural good body use. They move with great flexibility and poise. They are naturally balanced and their spines are long. Joints bend easily and they perform any activity without pain and effort! They are alive and present!

As we grow older, we often find ourselves interfering with this quality of poise. Many factors contribute to this imbalance: the lack of good role models, the prevalence of sitting still in this culture or the demands of daily life and high stress levels. The Alexander Technique helps to rediscover qualities of ease and balance.

“Children move lightly and easily. If you learn to watch, you will notice that their little head always starts any movement they make. And you see, we have interfered with that.

Alexander’s discovery gives us back […] our natural ease and flexibility of movement. […] It’s when you have that experience you really understand what Alexander discovered.”

Majorie Barstow (1899 – 1995), first person who finished Alexander’s training course

Watch this video to see Majorie Barstow talking about ease of movement and the early times of the Alexander Technique!