Back to School – Bach Flower Remedies

Portrait of a schoolgirlEventually … , our children in BC are going back to school, and this means a big change for them. If your child is off to school for the first time or going to a new school, it will be even more challenging for your child, and may be accompanied by fears and worries. When a child first goes to school, he may feel unsettled, may not like it, or does not want to leave you. Children might be anxious of the new teacher, class mates or new building. Will I like my teacher? Will I make friends easily? Can I find my locker in the new high school? What if I get lost at school? – Those might be some of your children’s worries. As parents, you also have to get adjusted to your child going to school, and you may have worries and anxieties in regards to letting go of your children.

These difficulties can be addressed by the Bach Flower Remedies, a natural healing system that helps to gently restore emotional balance. The Bach Flower Remedy system is comprised of 38 remedies, each prepared from specific wild flowers, tree blossoms or part of a plant. Each remedy resonates with a specific emotion or state of mind. Taking the Bach Flower essences may help your children – and yourself – to cope with the change better. Here are some examples:

WALNUT will help your child to adjust to the life change, settle into the new environment and adapt to a new routine. This remedy helps to feel more protected and not as sensitive to the outer changes.

ASPEN and MIMULUS are both given to address fear and anxiety. ASPEN is the remedy for unspecific and vague fears and feelings of apprehension. If your child is obviously anxious and he cannot say why, Aspen is the appropriate remedy.

MIMULUS is for the known fears; fear of meeting the new teacher, fear of not finding the class room etc. It also helps shy and timid children to overcome their nervousness.

LARCH is a remedy that often accompanies Mimulus, because it is the remedy to help the self-conscious child recover his confidence.

CHICORY will help the child that does not want to leave you; the child that clings, cries and screams to make you stay. Chicory also helps parents to let go of the children. It helps parents to accept that the children go their own way.

RED CHESTNUT is another remedy for parents that may be helpful, if they worry too much about the well-being of their children. It helps to stay calm and trust that things will work out well. It puts fears into perspective.

To find the appropriate remedies you may go by these recommendations, or you can book a Bach Flower consultation. Heike is still in training with the Bach Foundation in the UK and offers consultations for a reduced price till she is certified. Call her for more information 778-245-1750