Chronic Neck Pain? – New Research shows that Alexander Technique offers Relief

According to new research Alexander Technique and Acupuncture offers long-term relief from chronic neck pain and associated disabilities. The study that was conducted in the UK was first published in the Annals of Internal Medicine the beginning of this month. This long-term study examines the effectiveness of Alexander Technique lessons and Acupuncture treatments for chronic neck pain. […]


The Truth about Back Pain

It is known that a sedentary life style may be causing or contributing to recurring back pain. The fact that exercising and sports may also be a contributing factor is often overlooked:  Misalignment of the body while exercising or doing any other daily activity may cause compression of the spine and may create serious long […]


Ease of Movement

Most little children have a natural good body use. They move with great flexibility and poise. They are naturally balanced and their spines are long. Joints bend easily and they perform any activity without pain and effort! They are alive and present! As we grow older, we often find ourselves interfering with this quality of poise. […]

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