Chronic Neck Pain? – New Research shows that Alexander Technique offers Relief

According to new research Alexander Technique and Acupuncture offers long-term relief from chronic neck pain and associated disabilities. The study that was conducted in the UK was first published in the Annals of Internal Medicine the beginning of this month. This long-term study examines the effectiveness of Alexander Technique lessons and Acupuncture treatments for chronic neck pain. […]


Reflexology – from Ancient Healing Art to Modern European Therapy

Reflexology is a healing method that has developed out of old cultural knowledge. Different forms of working the feet to affect health have been used all over the ancient world such as in Egypt, China, India and Japan. Although details of the exact principles are mainly lost, the discoveries that have been made give evidence […]


Pain Killers versus Reflexology – Research

A small scientific study on reflexology as a treatment for acute pain finds that it may be as effective as painkillers. Dr. Carol Samuel and Dr. Ivor Ebenezer, of the University of Portsmouth in the UK, suggest reflexology may usefully complement conventional treatments for conditions like osteoarthritis, back pain and cancer. The researchers say this […]

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