Exploring Your Breath

    Right at this moment, turn your attention to your breathing.   What do you notice? Are you breathing freely? Does it feel restricted?   Do you hold your breath? Is your breath shallow and rapid?   Where do you notice the breathing in the body?   Do you notice it in the chest? […]


Moment of Ease – Arms and Shoulders

Do you ever notice that your arms get tired, your shoulders get tensed and your neck gets sore? – It is common to get tensed when working at the computer or doing any other repetitive daily activity. Our neck may stiffen up, our shoulders may slouch forward and our arms may contract upwards into our […]


Constructive Rest for Better Backs

Do you have lower back pain? Do you feel tense in your neck and shoulders? Do you experience stiffness in your joints? Or do you feel kind of heavy and low energy? Aches and pain in the body are often due to harmful ways of moving in our daily life. Habitual movement patterns such as […]

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