Moment of Ease – Arms and Shoulders

Do you ever notice that your arms get tired, your shoulders get tensed and your neck gets sore? – It is common to get tensed when working at the computer or doing any other repetitive daily activity. Our neck may stiffen up, our shoulders may slouch forward and our arms may contract upwards into our […]


‘Alexander App’ for Text Neck

‘Text Neck’ is a world-wide health concern affecting thousands of people who frequently use handheld mobile technology such as cell phones, computer, video games, tablets or e-readers. Excessive texting and overuse of handheld devices often result in severe neck pain. Frequent forward head flexion while looking down at screens of mobile devices may cause cervical […]


Computer Users Alert!

Does your neck get tensed? Does your back hurt when you work at your computer? Do you get eye strain or repetitive strain injuries? Working at the computer and sitting all day long is demanding and challenging, that’s for sure. But it is not the computer work itself that creates discomfort and pain in the […]

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