Guide to the Bach Remedies

Each of the 38 remedies is directed at a certain emotional state or personality trait. To select the remedies you need, think about the way you feel at the moment and about what sort of a person you are.


Agrimony – for those who put on a cheerful face to hide problems

Aspen – for apprehension and nervousness, for fears of unknown origin

Beech – for those who are critical and intolerant of others

Centaury – for those who are weak-willed and have difficulty saying no

Cerato – for those who doubt their own judgment, constantly seeking advice

Cherry Plum – for fear of losing control and for irrational thoughts or impulses

Chestnut Bud – for those who don’t learn from experiences, repeating mistakes

Chicory – for those who may be clingy, over-protective, possessive or selfish

Clematis – for those you are dreamy and space-out; no interest in present

Crab Apple – for poor self-image, feelings of shame and self-disgust. Cleansing

Elm – for those who are overwhelmed or burdened by too much responsibility

Gentian – for those who doubt themselves and feel discouraged easily

Gorse – for feelings of hopelessness and despair

Heather – for those who are self-absorbed and excessively talkative

Holly – for strong feelings of suspicion, jealousy, hatred or envy

Honeysuckle – for those who live more in the past than the present, nostalgic

Hornbeam – for procrastination and fatigue, just upon thinking of the tasks ahead

Impatiens – for feelings of impatience and irritability, for fast thinkers

Larch – for lack of self-confidence, feeling inferior to others, fear of failure

Mimulus – for known fears; also for those who are shy and timid

Mustard – for deep “gloom”; depression with no known cause

Oak – for those who are generally strong and are exhausted but struggle on

Olive – for those who are exhausted due to a long period of stress or illness

Pine – for those who blame themselves, even for the mistakes of others; guilt

Red Chestnut – for those who are worried and fearful about their loved-ones

Rock Rose – for feeling of extreme fight and terror. Nightmares

Rock Water – for those who are very strict with themselves; inflexible

Scleranthus – for indecision when faced with 2 choices; fluctuating moods

Star of Bethlehem – for the after-effects of serious news, loss, fright or shock

Sweet Chestnut – for anguish and despair, being at the limits of endurance

Vervain – for those who are overly enthusiastic about fixed principles and ideas

Vine – for those who are domineering, strong willed and assertive

Walnut – for protection from the influence of others; adjusting to changes

Water Violet – for those who prefer to be alone; aloof, isolated and lonely

White Chestnut – for persistent unwanted thoughts, mental arguments

Wild Oat – for those who are uncertain about their calling in life

Wild Rose – for feeling of apathy resignation and boredom

Willow – for feelings of bitterness, self-pity and resentment


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