Getting Back into a Routine with the Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Bach discovered that flowers embody positive and harmonizing forces to counteract negative emotional or mental states. He developed a method to capture the power of the plants to use them therapeutically. This is manifested in the 38 Bach Flower Remedies that have been used for over 80 years – first in the UK and now in 64 countries in the world!

Discover here what remedies support you in getting back into a routine:

AGRIMONY: This remedy might be helpful for those who spend the summer partying, drinking alcohol and having a lot of fun. Even though it seems pleasurable, some people hide their true emotions behind a joyful and humorous façade. The remedy can bring calm and more insight and helps to integrate our experiences (also painful ones). So this remedy supports to connect deeper to oneself and to set goals for the new routine or beginning.

CHICORY: Did you spend the summer organizing BBQs, having your friends or family over or taking care of your grandchildren? Did it feel a bit much at times? Then this remedy might be very helpful for you! Chicory is indicated when we lose our individuality; we are more aware of other people’s needs than our own. Taking this remedy helps us to identify our own needs better which helps us transition into a routine that serves ourselves!

CLEMATIS: Are you confused or disoriented after the summer? Are you dreamy, sometimes not fully awake in the present? Clematis helps to ‘come down to earth’ and take responsibility for ourselves (instead of escaping into the future or into fantasies). It assists in leading our thoughts into this reality which is helpful if we want to get into a routine.

GENTIAN: This remedy is for those who easily get discouraged. You may start a new exercise routine or sleeping schedule, but then you ‘fall off the wagon’ for a few days and you feel discouraged or disheartened. Gentian helps you to keep going and bring you understanding and encouragement.

HORNBEAM: Are you lacking motivation to get back into a routine? It feels kind of comfortable and easy at the moment and you miss the drive to change it? Then Hornbeam is the remedy for you as it helps to strengthens you, provides determination and gives you the energy to get going!

LARCH: Do you have a plan for a routine, but even before starting you think it won’t work out?  Larch is the remedy that helps those who temporarily have a lack of self-confidence and expect failure. This leads them to not even try or make the effort to succeed. Larch brings to your awareness that you are a great deal more capable than it appears!

ROCK WATER: Do you strive for perfection? Do you want to be a model for others when embarking on a new exercise routine? Are you hard on yourself? Rock Water is for those who are very strict in their way of living and deny themselves the joy and pleasures of life. This remedy helps them to be more flexible and open, so their drive doesn’t turn against themselves.

There might other remedies that would apply to your individual situation. Go here for a full list of remedies. If you are not sure what remedies you need, you may want to book a Bach Remedy consultation. In a session you share your personal situation and the practitioner makes suggestion what remedies might be helpful. You also learn about different aspects of the remedies, so over time it is easier to find the appropriate remedies for yourself.