Honeysuckle EssenceIn a consultation with a certified Bach Remedies Practitioner, BFRP, you are guided to find the right Bach Flower Remedies. As practitioners we are not prescribing the remedies, but you are actively involved in a process of selecting the appropriate remedies. This way you take responsibility for your own healing and self-growth.

Together we examine your current situation, your concerns and feelings to determine what remedies will help you to achieve greater emotional balance. I share my knowledge about the Bach Flowers and suggest remedies. We are discussing these remedies to decide which ones go into your personal blend. Up to 6 -7 different remedies can go into your mixing bottle.

Mixing Bottle: To prepare a personal blend, 2 drops of each chosen remedy (4 drops of Rescue Remedy) are added to a 30 ml bottle filled with spring water. If you wish, one teaspoon of brandy is added for conservation. (If there is no brandy in the bottle, it has to be kept in the fridge.) A mixing bottle will last about 3 weeks.

A follow-up visit can be scheduled to discuss the changes and your current situation and find out whether additional remedies are needed for the next personal blend.

Dosage: You take 4 drops, 4 times a day directly in your mouth (or on pulse points, if you prefer it). Most important is to take it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. If you feel, you need to use the drops more frequent, you may increase the times you take the remedy.


1 Consultation (50 min)$ 75
1 Follow-up Consultation (30 min) $ 45
1 Mini-Consultation (5 - 10 min)$ 15