Better Sleep with Bach Flower Remedies

White ChestnutThe Bach Flower Remedies are a good option, if you would like to improve your sleep naturally. These remedies are gentle, safe and non-toxic, and they don’t interfere with any other treatment. The Bach Remedy system assists you in gently restoring your emotional balance. Underlying emotional issues are often the cause for insomnia, and the Bach Remedies have shown to be helpful not only to find better sleep, but also to be more positive and balanced during the day.

Even though the Bach Flower Remedies have been around for more than 80 years, they are not very well known in North America. The most known of the Bach remedies is Rescue Remedy, a mixture of five different remedies. Rescue Remedy was developed by Dr. Bach to deal with emergencies and crisis. It has shown to be invaluable in highly stressful situations.

Another more known combination remedy is “Rescue Sleep”, a blend of the rescue properties and the remedy White Chestnut. This remedy was not designed by Dr. Bach, and it has its limitations. While some people swear on “Rescue Sleep”, some don’t. – For many people this remedy does not work. Why is that?

Everyone is different; and the reasons for insomnia differ from person to person. Do you have difficulties shutting your mind off when you want to go to sleep? Do you feel good during the day, but at night all your worries and anxieties show up? Or do you feel overwhelmed with your work load and that makes it hard to go to sleep? – These are all different emotional reasons for not getting to sleep, and a different remedy in each case would be indicated.

Rescue Sleep has the same remedies as the regular Rescue formula, and it includes the remedy White Chestnut. This remedy is for persistent thoughts, mental arguments, and ideas and concerns that go round and round in circles. Sometimes these repetitive thoughts cause insomnia as it is difficult to turn the mind off and relax. White Chestnut helps to restore peace of mind.

If you find that this applies to you, Rescue Sleep might benefit you. But even then you would be better off, getting your individual mix of remedies. The Bach Remedies are most effective when we when we take only those ones needed for our individual situation. Up to six remedies may go into your personal blend.

Below you find a list of remedies that might help you to find the right remedies for you. Sometimes it is hard to choose on your own, especially if you are not familiar with this system. In this case, it is helpful to take a consultation with a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, BFRP. A Bach practitioner knows the remedies and their indications and is able to guide you through a process to find the appropriate remedies.

AGRIMONY – if you are usually cheerful and happy during the day, but you push your worries down and then start to get restless at night

ASPEN – if you are anxious, but you don’t know the reason, a feeling of apprehension and unease

ELM – if you are usually confident, but you are now overloaded with work and feel overwhelmed

MIMULUS – if you are fearful of known things such as paying the bills or an exam coming up

OLIVE – if you are over-exhausted, tired and drained of energy

RED CHESTNUT – if you worry too much about the well-being of your loved ones (e.g. worrying about your teenagers)

STAR OF BETHLEHM – if you have suffered from a shock, trauma or loss; it may have happened in the past, but you haven’t fully recovered

VERVAIN – if you are enthusiastic about your work, very involved and cannot switch off

WHITE CHESTNUT – if you have incessant thoughts and cannot turn your mind off