Bach Remedies Seminars

Heike offers Bach Flower seminars regularly. Visit this page again for more updates or subscribe to the Restore Balance Newsletter for more information.


CHOICES MARKETS SOUTH SURREY, 3248 King George Boulevard

Relieve Stress with Bach Flower Remedies

Nov 2, 2017  THU 7:00  8:30 pm

The Bach Flower Remedies is a natural system of healing that helps to gently restore emotional balance. – Do you have stress at work? Do you find it stressful to balance work and family? Do you experience irritability, nervousness, low self-esteem, confusion, aggression, anxiety or lack of concentration? Find out how to identify remedies that are relevant for you to make your own personal blend. Learn about Dr. Bach’s philosophy and about the positive effects of the Bach Flower Remedies!

Register online or call Choices T. 604.541.3902



Bach Flower Remedies for Women

Nov 15, 2017  WED 1:00 – 2:30 pm

The Bach Flower Remedies help to gently restore emotional balance and promote health and well-being. This natural healing system is very helpful in times of high demands, stress and change, and it supports healing processes in the body. The remedies assist in addressing common issues such as irritability, overwhelm, low energy, blame, low self-esteem or fears. Join Heike to learn about the Bach Flower Remedies and find out how to balance your emotional life and personality in your everyday life!

To register, please contact the White Rock Community Center  T. 604.541.2199


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