Bach Flower Remedies

Wild chicory flowers. Macro photoThe Bach Flower Remedies help to gently restore emotional balance. This natural healing system is comprised of 38 remedies, each prepared from specific wild flowers, tree blossoms or part of a plant. The exception is Rock Water, made from natural spring with healing properties. Each remedy  resonates with a specific emotion and personality type. There is a combination of five remedies designed for demanding situations, emergencies and crisis which is called the Rescue Remedy.

The Bach Flower Remedies represent a complete system of healing directed at the emotional and mental states. They are used in combinations to address a variety of emotional and mental conditions. The Bach Flower Remedies are gentle, safe and non-toxic. They are often used in conjunction with other forms of treatment and do not interfere with them. The Bach Flower Remedies are manufactured in the UK, under strict guidelines for safety and purity and are available in 66 countries worldwide.


Dr. Edward Bach’s Philosophy

The Bach Flower Remedies were discovered in England in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach (1886 – 1936), a medical doctor and respected bacteriologist. When working with his clients, he realized that emotions and inner attitudes have a direct and powerful effect on the healing process. He believed that a disease was not of physical origin, but a manifestation of an inner conflict between our soul or “Inner Guidance” and our personality. Dr. Bach aspired a more holistic approach to medicine in which the soul and the emotions of a person would be considered in supporting the healing process. He intuitively knew that the new remedies he was seeking were to be found in nature and he abandoned conventional medicine altogether. Dr. Bach spent years collecting, preparing and testing thousands of flowers and plants and discovered 38 remedies which help balance negative emotions and personality traits to promote healing and well-being.


Treat the Person, not the Disease

Two people with the same illness such as arthritis or back pain may benefit from quite different Bach Flower Remedies. One person may be resigned to the illness (Gorse), while another may be impatient with it (Impatiens). One may suffer at the same time from a loss of a parent (Star of Bethlehem) whereas another one may be overwhelmed with work (Elm). Different remedies will be appropriate in each case addressing only the individual’s personality and emotions and not treating the symptoms, disease, or physical complaint.


Restoring Emotional Balance

By taking the remedies emotions are balanced and transformed. Regained strength and harmony activate one’s potential for self-healing and free the body and mind to fully engage in fighting the disease. A person doesn’t have to be physically ill to benefit from the Bach Flower Remedies. The remedies are also very useful in times of stress, high demands and difficulties to restore balance before physical symptoms appear. The remedies help to increase self-awareness and personal stability. They aid in developing positive qualities such as love, understanding, tolerance, acceptance or courage and in living up to our full potential. The Bach Flower Remedies are invaluable for personal and spiritual growth.