Balance Arts Studio offers workshops in different locations in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland. Some of the workshops are offered for specific groups such as musicians, riders, dancers or Yoga and Pilates students. Others are open to anyone!

Workshops and group classes offer opportunities to learn by observing others and sharing experiences while working to increase one’s own awareness. Watching another person’s movement, listening to someone’s question and receiving feedback can deepen the learning experience. Students who take regular Alexander Technique lessons benefit from the group work to better integrate the Alexander Technique principles in their lives.

If you want to set up a workshop at your dance, Yoga or Pilates studio, music school, health clinic, work site, university, continuing education program or equestrian club, please contact Balance Arts Studio!



Upcoming Workshops



Improve Your Posture

SAT  Sep 28, 2019   SAT 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Do you find yourself slouching in a chair? Is it difficult for you to keep a good posture – even if you try hard? Do you experience pain in your body at the end of the day? The Alexander Technique helps you increase body awareness, release muscle tension and move with more ease.   Learn to find balance in sitting, standing, walking or any other activity – without strain and effort!

Cost: $ 30 /$ 27 (members)

To register, please contact the White Rock Community Center T. 604.541.2199

Headaches? Neck Tension? Back Pain?

SAT  Nov 16, 2019   SAT 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Our aches and pains in the body are often related to how we use our bodies and how we move. Learn to consciously work with your thinking and your body to change habitual posture and movement with the Alexander Technique. Discover ways to increase your body awareness, release tension in your neck, shoulders and back – to move with more ease and balance and just feel better!

Cost: $ 30 /$ 27 (members)

To register, please contact the White Rock Community Center  T. 604.541.2199