Moments of Awareness and Presence!

landscapeStop your activities for a moment.


Look away from the screen. If you sit close to a window, look outside. Let your eyes wander for a while. Allow the muscles around the eyes to soften. Notice the noises around you. Be alert!  >>>


Now be aware of your feet and your buttocks. Are you well supported?

Put your feet in front of you flat on the floor and let them be at ease. Notice your sitting bones on the chair. Allow yourself to be in good contact with the floor and the chair. Let your hands be resting on your thighs.  >>>


Are you pushing your mid back forward?  Let your pelvis roll back a little bit. Notice the lengthening in the spine. Take some time to be aware your long and wide back, and of the space behind you.  >>>


Notice your feet and sitting bones again. Give in to gravity! Let yourself be supported. How can you do less in sitting??  >>>


Is your head balanced on top of the spine? Often we put the head forward which puts strain on the neck. How can you “undo” this habit? Allow your neck to soften and ease. Let the neck be free of tension. This is not a doing, just a thought. Let your head gently balance on your neck. Notice the space above the head.  >>>


Now pay attention to your breathing for a moment. Notice the gentle flow in your body as you are inhaling and exhaling. Stay with it for several breaths. You may find out that your breathing is becoming deeper as you are observing it.  >>>


Remind yourself to pause several times a day, especially if you work on the computer for long hours. Take a few minutes for yourself and enjoy moments of awareness and presence!


<<< Learn more about the Alexander Technique in Heike’s workshops or classes – or in an individual Alexander session!