Ease in Daily Activities

Have you ever experienced a hand shake that squeezed your hand so hard you could hardly stand it? – Ouch! Have you had somebody put his arm on your shoulder and it felt like a ton of bricks? – Uuhh! Well, these people probably don’t even notice how much effort they put into these gestures. Most likely they carry a lot of tension in their bodies and they put excess effort in whatever they are doing. Most of us do this in one way or the other!


In all our daily activities, our whole body is involved whether we shake a hand, sit at a computer or walk the stairs. Often we have developed movement patterns that interfere with a natural ease of moving. Watch children moving and you realize what you have lost over the years! Without being aware of it, we perform daily activities with too much effort and muscle tension! This may even result in back pain, shoulder and neck pain or compression on the joints.


What is the way out? How can we prevent ourselves from harming our bodies? Here are some suggestions:

Choose a daily activity you would like to work with. It can be doing the dishes or brushing your teeth, something you do every day several times. Next time you perform this activity, stop and become aware of HOW you do the activity.

Are you in a rush? Doing things quickly often results in excess tension. Can you slow down a little? Does it already feel different? Are you able to let go of unnecessary effort?

Be aware of your breathing. Are you holding your breath? How deep are you breathing? Just observe your breathing for a moment and notice how your breath is deepening.

Are you raising your shoulders? Well, can you drop them a little? Think of the shoulders widening and going away from each other.

How about your legs? Do you lock your knees? Soften and open your knees, ankles and hips! Now you can bend forward from your hips rather then bending over with your back. What do you notice?

Now just think of your head balancing on the spine for a moment. If you notice that your head is going back and down, just let your chin come closer to your breast bone. Allow you neck to be free!

Continue to scan your body during your activity. Stop for moments and let go of extra effort and tension. Let your joints be soft and open. Notice your feet on the floor and the space above your head. Enjoy your activity!

To further explore these ideas, join me for an Alexander Technique workshop or individual session!