Checking in with Yourself

Right at this moment… check in with yourself.

What do you notice?

Are you rushed? Do you feel tensed? Are you holding certain parts of your body?

Where in the body do you feel tension? What emotions are running through you?

What stops you from feeling easy in your body and mind?

We are often caught in fight/flight/freeze mode. The demands of daily life are challenging. We are stressed in our mind and tensed in our body. Minds and bodies are fixed.

Our bodies feels tight, not free. Contracted, not open.

We feel down, not up. Our energy is blocked, not flowing…

Many aches and pains in the body derive from this reactivity in ourselves. We often react to what is going on around us in habitual and limited ways. We might not be aware that. We might say we have back pain or a shoulder ache… But the root of this problem may be related to our reactivity.

Fortunately, we possess the ability to change. If we learn to check in with ourselves and develop more awareness, we enhance our capability to respond wisely to stimuli around us. This way we refine our experience and choose our responses.

The Alexander Technique is a practical way to learn just that. And we can practice right here and now. For a change to happen we need to stop or pause for a moment. Taking time and opening the senses to what is going on is essential. So check in with yourself again:

Notice your breathing… Are you holding your breath? Allow yourself to easily breathe in and out. Be with your breathing for a moment.

Now go with your attention to the place of support. Let your feet release into the floor. Notice your sitting bones and let your body weight release into the chair.

Go with your attention to your hands. Let your palms soften. Allow your shoulders to rest.

Be aware of the space all around you… The space above your head, behind you, on the left and right side and in front of you. Allow yourself to expand into the space.

Listen… Whatever you hear, just let the sound in.

See … Soften your eyes and just receive what you see.

Checking in with yourself regularly is rewarding. It allows you to stay in touch with yourself. It enables you to find more calm and balance. It helps you to develop a refined responsiveness to life and life’s demands, and it to grow more resilience for difficult times!