A Moment to Pause

Today, just for a few minutes, give yourself a moment to pause.

Do you notice how close you are to the screen? Can you sit back a little? Feels unfamiliar?


Now can you drop your chin just a little? (Don’t tuck it in, as it creates more tension in the neck.)


Can you drop your shoulders? (You didn’t notice you were holding them up?)


Then notice your feet on the floor and your seat bones on the chair. (You might want to adjust your sitting position.) Let the weight of your torso travel down into the seat, the weight of your legs travel down into the floor.


Think up along the spine. Let your head just balance on the spine, and think of the space above your head.


Now for a moment, let’s put the attention to your breathing: Notice air entering your body as you inhale and leaving your body as you exhale. Look away from the screen for three complete breaths. Be aware of your breathing… in and out…. Don’t try to change it. Look back at the screen.


Do your notice a slight softening of your vision?


What do your hear? Take a moment to listen.


Is your breathing changing? You might notice that your breathing is deepening just by observing it.


Thanks for sharing a moment of ease!