Fix me please

toolsSometimes people come for an Alexander Technique session with a hurt shoulder or severe back pain and they ask: “Can you fix this?” This is said half-jokingly, half-seriously… But quite often people want immediate results: They want to get rid of their pain! And they rather have someone else take care of it.

It is true that sometimes the Alexander Technique helps the pain disappear or dramatically reduce in just a few sessions! In other cases, it is a process that takes longer. In any case, there is more to be gained than just a “quick fix”.

Here are some experiences in my practice:

  • Angela came into my practice to see, if the Alexander Technique could help with her pain in hip and back after working in the garden. Some Alexander Technique sessions helped her to reduce her pain to a degree. More important than that, Angela found our how she could change the way she moves in the garden. This way she could actively prevent herself from getting the pain!


  • A retired woman had a very tight jaw and frequent headaches. After a series of three or four sessions, the headaches were remarkably reduced. She decided to take more sessions, because she found that she was getting calmer in her everyday life and not getting as easily upset. Moreover, her sleep improved and she felt more rested.


  • An accountant came for sessions with excruciating back pain. Sitting at a desk for long hours was challenging for him. His pain got worse at the end of a day. He was even aware that his back was slumped and his shoulders were slouched, but he didn’t know how to change it. He tried “sitting up straight” and “pulling the shoulders back” – but the pain persisted. Over a period of a few weeks, his pain gradually reduced while he was learning how to sit with more ease and balance – and without straining!


After finding out more about the Alexander Technique, most people want to go further than having a “quick fix”. There is so much to find out about our habitual ways of moving and thinking…  My students find it captivating to develop more awareness and to actively engage in a process of change.

The Alexander Technique is educational, we don’t TREAT our clients; instead we TEACH our students. We teach new ways of thinking and moving that improve coordination and overall well-being. The students take responsibility for their own process and their own health and well-being. Although the Alexander Technique is challenging, it is ultimately very rewarding – and fun!

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