Alexander Technique

“I have severe lower back pain in part due to degenerative disc disease. Since taking lessons and classes in the Alexander Technique with Heike [Walker], I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my back. For the first time in many years, I am able to move quite freely and without debilitating pain. For me, Heike is a miracle worker.”

Kathleen Hahn, Accountant

“My roles in television and film are often authority figures like CEO’s, politicians or attorneys. Good posture for those parts is absolutely essential. Having struggled with a life-long poor posture, I sought professional help. Heike Walker was recommended by another actor, and sure enough, she completely turned it around for me. My carriage and bearing are far better than ever before, giving me a whole new confidence in myself and my work.”

Mark Brandon, Actor

“I went to see my Medical Doc today and showed her how well I can stand on either leg in balance without any support. She was totally amazed, and dropping her mouth in surprise at my age 88. And then I told her about my doing the Alexander Technique for about 2 years, and that all the years that I did yoga never accomplished it.”

Gracie Reti

“I came to Heike because of debilitating problems I was having with movement, physical weakness, and fatigue.  Although I originally had no understanding of how the technique worked, Heike guided me through the process. Her skills and natural abilities let the healing and change happen in the best way possible for me, and at a pace that I could manage.  My experience with Heike and the Alexander Technique was a huge part of my recovery (it worked!), and I am very thankful that I had the pleasure of working with such a warm, caring, and amazing person. ~ Ever grateful.”

K. D.

“Originally, I attended an Alexander Technique Introductory workshop with Heike Walker to understand and learn more about it.  It was not until August 2016 when I fractured my ankle hiking on Cypress that I turned to her for support during recovery. The necessary surgery did not allow me to weight bear on my left foot for 5 weeks. So by the time I was able to walk with the support of boot and walker, I had discomfort in my knees as well.  While I attended physio therapy for the ankle, I found my sessions with Heike supported not only my ankle but the movement of my entire body.  What I have learned about Alexander Technique has allowed me the best recovery of my ankle injury as well as improvement in other weak parts of my body. I have been able to return to normal activities, i.e. Golf and Trail walking at the 8th month mark post-surgery which is earlier than anticipated.  It is now 10 months post-surgery, and other than scars on both sides of my ankle, I have minimal discomfort to remind me of this injury. I can attribute this to the attention and education I received from Heike. The benefits of Alexander Technique will have me continue my sessions with Heike which are now focused on everyday movement with a goal to ensure ease of movement, helping me to enjoy an active retirement for many years.  Thank you, Heike, for sharing your skills and knowledge. I appreciate very much the difference you have made in my life!”

Charlotte Jones, retired banker

“I am applying the principles learned… mostly at my computer (…) Just modifying my posture and being mindful of the way I hold my head has given me great relief from my chronically tight shoulders!”

Lee Hinrichs, Reiki and Reflexology Practitioner

” (..) I can stand for longer periods of time without my back aching. I can sit in hard wooden seats (like church pews) for an hour and not suffer any discomfort. I just generally have fewer aches and pains. When I came for my first Alexander treatments, I was suffering from arm pain caused by a pinched nerve in my neck. The treatments allowed me to free the neck so my nerve was released and the ache in my arm went away. I feel more ‘open’ and am more aware when I am tensing or slouching and can ‘undo’ the tension and bad habits and be freer.”

Margaret Ross, Clinical Counsellor

“My motivation to see Heike came from acting. I found out that the Alexander Technique was good for actors. I had many physical ailments, mostly a stiff neck and lower back  pain and  shoulder pain. I became more aware of the pain. Before seeing Heike I didn’t even know I was in pain! Working with Heike allowed me to take more control of myself. This is sometimes daunting and difficult, however, I am making strong movements towards a more balanced and present being. Heike has been instrumental in this process not only through her knowledge but also through her very kind and patient manner.”

Mateo Coric, Accountant

” Heike Walker was referred to me by my yoga instructor to augment my ongoing problems with my upper back and neck. These problems were probably initiated by 20 years of pediatric nursing – leaning over cribs and beds to treat and nurse children. I see Heike about once a week for an hour session. Her exceptional knowledge in the Alexander Technique has successfully decreased my neck pain and headaches, and improved my posture. Most importantly, it has taught me to regard my body and to “think” about moving more naturally. I have only begun to learn to walk, sit and stand again, and to lose my habits that have built over a life time. Thank you, Heike, for your most gentle and extraordinary approach to the Alexander Technique.”

Sandy Moreno, Retired RN

“I came to Heike after being introduced to the Alexander Technique in my theatre undergrad. I found the idea of freedom of movement extremely appealing […] I came just wanting to learn more about the Alexander Technique and I was thinking about taking the Alexander training myself. However, I ended up finding many tensions that I had no idea I was carrying with me every day. My sessions with Heike have offered me an easier sense of mobility and a new mindset for exploring challenging tasks.”

Margaret Thorpe, BFA Acting, BA Music Performance

“… while focusing on myself and my intentions I find I am even more present for my clients. Thank you for this valuable introduction to Alexander Technique and how it applies to our Reflexology work day.”

Marlene Barry, Reflexologist

“I wanted to thank Heike [Walker] for working with me, as the Alexander Technique has worked wonders with my riding. I was having trouble with my 1/2 Andalusian at our canter, I felt rushed and out of control whenever we were out on the trail. After a few sessions with Heike, I started to recognize involuntary stiffness and tension in my hips and legs that were transferring to the horse. The more I applied the Alexander Technique to my riding, the better the canter got. Horses can be our mirrors and my body tension was blocking my horse from relaxing into the canter. I realized that I had started to find success, when I was out on the trail and my horse rolled in to a beautiful calm canter, my body relaxed in a fluid movement and his mirroring mine.”

Tabatha Hepworth, Riding Instructor


“I have been suffering with chronic plantar fasciitis for almost 3 years. I had pain standing more than 5-10 minutes. Heel pain when walking or putting much pressure on my feet. I had done every exercise and treatment I was offered. This included acupuncture, physiotherapy, shockwave therapy, hydro therapy, and ultrasound. All of this brought minimal relief. I was still unable to return to my active lifestyle of walking and playing with my grandchildren. I was discouraged and stressed about my future capabilities to enjoy an active life of travelling, baking, shopping, and playing.

About 3 months ago, I began reflexology with Heike. The reflexology treatments exposed the painful areas and their association to the rest of my body. With each treatment my condition improved. I could stand longer, walk faster, and there was more time between episodes of heel pain. Everything improved, both my physical and emotional well-being. I felt I was healing. Heike is a calm confident skilled healer who listened carefully to my body and my words. She was encouraging and helpful in providing resources to continue my healing in a holistic way. Thank you, Heike”

Lana Deeter, Psychotherapist

“Heike Walker helped me through an extremely painful bout of plantar fasciitis. My foot and ankle were very swollen. A doctor told me to take something for the inflammation, but that was not working. I had heard Heike talk at a reflexology seminar and thought I would give it a try. The day after my first session with Heike, the swelling and some of the pain was gone. She has also helped with lower back and joint pain. I am big fan of Heike. She is very knowledgeable of her craft and is a kind and caring person. I have recommended her to friends and colleagues.”


“I began Reflexology treatments with Heike Walker about 1.5 years ago for chronic pain due to inflammatory arthritis.  Immediately after the first treatment with Heike, I began to feel relief.  I had been to physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractors, acupuncture, osteopathy, and more, looking for alternative treatment options to drug therapy.  I have found that, along with a regular restorative yoga practice, and lifestyle and nutritional adjustments, maintaining a regular treatment schedule with Heike provides ongoing and substantial decrease in inflammation and pain.  Heike is clear and focused in her work.  She is gifted and very sensitive to the needs of her clients.  As a yoga teacher, I am aware of the reality of the body/mind connection.  I respect and admire Heike’s ability to work effectively with the whole individual.  She is friendly, respectful and kind.  I recommend Heike to many of my students.”

Jacqui Fownes, Certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist

“I like to run. Over a year ago I sprained my ankle and although I felt it had healed, every time I ran my ankle would swell. I had tried other treatments (massage therapy, chiropractic) without success. Then my massage therapist suggested Reflexology. After only six treatments with Heike [Walker] I noticed a marked improvement with the swollen ankle. In fact, I recently ran a half marathon without any soreness or swelling of my ankle. Reflexology works! Thank you Heike!”

Liz Simpson, School Teacher

“Prior to visiting Heike for Reflexology, I was unsure of what it was and how it worked. However, Heike provided information and answered my many questions. I found her to be a warm, caring and perceptive professional. My main issue was congestion and headaches related to allergies that was affecting my sleep and energy levels. After several sessions, I experienced relief – less congestion, very infrequent headaches and more energy! Heike also worked on my back and gastric reflux issues with good success. This was a wonderful experience that I will not hesitate to repeat for any health issue!”

Penny Cuddy, Retiree

“For many years, I experienced pain, stiffness, inflammation and extreme low energy. I sought Heike’s help of Alexander Technique with the hope of re-learning the fluidity and joy of movement that I recall as a child and young adult loving to express her joy through physical movement, many types of games and sports. I also receive regular Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage [on the feet] from Heike. Over a couple of years of Heike’s gentle, kind, powerful, healing presence and skill-full techniques, my body is able to re-member the joy of the connection of feet with earth sensing an energy coursing through me, and helping me feel taller, more ease-full, grace-full, calm and energized. The simple joys of greeting the morning, riding my horse, walking in comfort, and even gardening are a precious de-light for me again, and my gratitude is immense! When discomfort arises, I can release from it much more easily now, guiding my body into balance, re-learned and re-membered with Heike’s help in Alexander Technique, Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage.”

Sheila Geragty

“Since taking the treatment package, my digestion has improved and tensions in my back has lessened. My balance has also improved that I find exercising is fun again. My main reason for trying out Reflexology is that I suffered from lower pelvic pressure and it is improving with each session. I now sleep through the night without waking several times. I would recommend Reflexology to anyone who is seeking an alternative to “pills” as I feel it truly does promote self-healing powers in the body. (…) ”

Sharon Schuss, Senior

“I began having Reflexology treatment from Heike [Walker] once a week. I was hooked. Heike’s knowledge and pleasant personality made the treatments even more enjoyable. I was experiencing pain in my right knee and shoulder. After every treatment the pain was decreased. Things started shifting. […] I see Heike every 2 weeks now. The pain is still there, but much more manageable. I look forward to my treatments to work towards a pain free body in the near future.”

Jodi Snider, Registered Massage Therapist, RMT

“I first came to Heike [Walker] at the insistence of my brother-in-law who believes wholeheartedly in Therapeutic Reflexology. After about 10 weekly sessions […], I also became a believer. Each week Heike could tell by my feet what was going on in my body.

I suffer from a chronic conditions with physical ailments such as extreme dizziness, fatigue and tension.  While the symptoms didn’t go away completely, the weekly visits became a time where I was refreshed both mentally and physically.  I looked forward to Heike’s professionalism, care and knowledge.

I would highly recommend seeing Heike Walker.”


“After being involved in a car accident, having badly injured by feet and ankles and the rest of my body, I decided to try Reflexology with Heike. She gently worked on my feet, and I felt better after each visit. My feet and ankle have improved to where I can walk without pain for quite a distance. – I also used Bach Remedies which helped to sleep better and bring me back into balance from the emotional side effects of the accident.”

Penny C.