About Heike

Heike Walker is the owner of Balance Arts Studio. Her service includes Alexander Technique, Bach Flower Remedies and Reflexology.


Heike encountered the Alexander Technique first in dance classes in the early nineties, and was intrigued by the way thinking affects our body. Working with the Alexander Technique in her dance practices (New Dance, Contact Improvisation) created more fluidity and openness in her body and created new possibilities of moving – with more lightness, ease and fun!


In 1994, Heike began taking lessons in the Alexander Technique which opened a whole new dimension of the Alexander Technique to her: “I discovered that every daily activity – whether sitting at the computer, brushing teeth, answering the phone or talking at the dinner table – is movement, and our thinking and feeling are closely intertwined with our movements. Whether or not we are aware of it, we make choices about how we move and how we feel!” This was the beginning of an adventurous process of self-discovery…!


After years of individual lessons in the Alexander Technique and completion of her masters in Cultural Studies at the University of Bremen, Germany, Heike’s interest in the Alexander Technique led her to enter a three year full-time training course in the Alexander Technique in Berlin with Dan Armon. Heike graduated in 2002 and she has been teaching the Alexander Technique since – both in individual lessons and in workshops to dancers, musicians, riders and to many other students interested in gaining self-awareness, changing postural habits and enhancing coordination and balance!


Working as a Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Heike realized she wanted to deepen her understanding of our body’s anatomy and functions. Heike entered a medical training course to become a Natural Health Care Professional recognized by the German Department of Health. She also studied “Reflexotherapy of the Feet” at the Hanne Marquardt School in Berlin, receiving the Reflexology certificate in June 2008. Heike says about Therapeutic Reflexology: “The simple act of touching the feet (in a therapeutic manner), helps heal many disorders, even chronic ones such as sleeping problems, breathing difficulties or digestive troubles. Therapeutic Reflexology looks at the whole person rather than just at the symptoms. By restoring the balance of the whole organism, symptoms and pain subside, and health and quality of life are improved!”


Heike immigrated to Canada in 2008. She founded her own company, the Balance Arts Studio, to offer Alexander Technique and Reflexology Therapy. Over time, Heike realized that the Bach Flower Remedies would be a good complementary modality to her practice. Heike enrolled in the Bach Flower Education program and completed her studies in September 2014. She is now a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, BFRP, certified by the Bach Foundation in the UK. – “I like incorporating the Bach Flower Remedies in my work. Whatever the issue is – getting through the upheaval of menopause, grieving the loss of a husband, suffering from being lonely or lacking confidence – the remedies help to work through difficulties, develop inner strength and put things into perspective. The Bach remedies assist in creating more emotional balance which supports healing physical symptoms as well. We are responsible for our life’s circumstances to a great extent, and the Bach Flower Remedies help us take charge of our life!”


Heike works out of two locations, the Balance Arts Studio in the countryside of Langley and in the heart of White Rock.